In the holy Quran, Muslims are told: “and the firmament has he (Allah) raised high, and He has set up the balance in order that you may not transgress due balance.” (55: 7/8)

According to Islam, man lives on earth as a trustee: we do not own things of right but we are responsible for their proper management. This planet has been created by Allah and entrusted to mankind until the day of judgement. As agents or trustees, we have the responsibility of looking after all the other creatures, the plants, the atmosphere and everything else which surrounds us. Life on earth is set up with a natural balance and that is the key to our survival!

Allah has told us: “it is Allah who has subjected the sea to you…and He has subjected to you, as from Him, all that is in the heavens and the earth.” (45: 12/13)

The prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) remarked: “Any person who plants a tree or sows a crop for people, animals and birds to eat of it produce, merits reward.” And in another saying, he (pbuh) said: “if the day of judgement starts and in your hand is a seed, then plant it.”

Muslims, through their teachings in the holy Quran and the sayings and example of the prophet Mohamed (pbuh) are encouraged (using a modern term) to be “green”. Even at times of war the importance of the environment impinged upon the Muslim approach to life. One of the most revered and trustworthy companions of the prophet (pbuh), Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) said to his army: “Do not mutilate or disfigure; do not kill a young child, an old person, or a woman. Do not cut down a palm tree or burn it. Do not cut down a fruit-bearing tree, or slaughter a sheep, cow, camel – except for food. You will come across people who have dedicated themselves to their temples – leave them to what they have dedicated themselves to.” (It is a pity that rulers over the centuries did not heed that advice!)

Muslims should make every effort to slow down and eventually halt the massive destruction of our environment – and therefore our society. As the prophet (pbuh) said: “Do not waste water even when you are making ablution (before prayer) in a running river.” “Do not pollute, in answering the call of nature, those areas frequented by people seeking shade or a place to picnic.”

Sadly, man is ignoring his God-given role on earth and is destroying the environment and upsetting that balance which Allah so finely tuned and honed! After all, the planet is a gift from Allah! As Muslims are told by Allah: “no creature is there crawling on the earth, no bird flying with its wings but they are nations like yourselves.” (6: 38)"