IDEA is presently developing resources based on the QCA Sustainable Development In Action curriculum.

A number of schools in Dorset are currently working towards accreditation through our Ecommunity Award Scheme.

What is the Award?
The Ecommunity Award is given by IDEA: Interfaith Dorset Education and Action, the largest interfaith environmental group in Dorset. The award itself is a framed and signed certificate that can be displayed in your community.

Type of Award
There are two levels of award: Basic and Distinction. Most communities are likely to receive the Basic award, although communities that demonstrate significant efforts throughout the application are likely to be awarded with a Distinction.

Length of Award
Every Ecommunity Award lasts for a year. Communities may reapply for awards every year.

Cost of Award
In order to cover costs, there is a very small fee. Members of IDEA will work with your community to ensure that by the time your application is formally submitted, it will be successful at least for the Basic Award.

Scope of Assessment
A successful assessment will demonstrate wise use of natural resources, at least one recent interfaith event, at least one recent environmental event and some sense that the environment is brought into the community's spirituality, however defined.

Who can Apply?
The Ecommunity Award can be awarded to any community, be it a faith-based community (e.g. a place of worship), a community of learners (e.g. a school) or a social community (e.g. a club). Any community that can demonstrate wise use of natural resources, environmental awareness within spiritual practice and recent interfaith and environmental events can apply.

What is the Point of the Ecommunity Award?
Not only does this reward communities who are forward-thinking in terms of the environment and interfaith matters, but it also inspires people within your community. By helping communities increase their environmental and interfaith awareness, the Ecommunity Award is a catalyst for positive change.

How do we find out more?
Simple email us at and we will happily answer questions or send you an application form.